Its a very special moment when we get a call from our dealer that the car we booked is ready for delivery.I get goosebumps remembering the day I got a call from the dealer informing me the same.

It is so easy to go with the overflow of emotions but there is one important task yet to be done...well quite dispassionately! I am talking about Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI). After having spent days on end for your research, this is one last but important procedure that most tend to ignore.


Cars undergo a lot of testing at the plant end and also at the dealership but often people have noticed issues post delivery which if not exactly small can dent the experience. So lets get started!


General suggestions:

  • Make time for PDI. Take an appointment with the concerned sales person you are dealing with.
  • A thorough PDI can take as much as two or two and half hours.
  • Be polite with the dealership personnel. It can go a long way in getting that extra attention and better service.
  • Do take a friend or relative with you for the PDI as a pair of eyes that are not overwhelmed do help
  • Try to schedule the PDI during the day and avoid late evenings as the body needs to be inspected


  • Check all the beadings across the four doors and boot
  • General look at the seats with regards to seat fabric
  • Check the seat belts (all 5, if they are functional and buckles work properly)
  • Check all the seat adjustments as applicable for your variant (height, front-back, rear seat rest adjustment, lumbar support, etc)
  • Check the folding of the rear seat bench if applicable (60:40 and complete)
  • Check the glove box for fit and finish issues. Especially the play in the lid at the end closer to the central console.
  • If the glove box has a light, check its working
  • Check for the leather coating on the steering wheel and gear knob for irregularities and tears
  • Check for any visible scratches over the interiors

Features & Electronics:

  • Run through all the gears for proper slotting
  • Check all wipers for three speeds
  • Check rear wash wipe
  • Check front fog lamps
  • Check rear fog lamps
  • Check all light indicators, hazard
  • Check headlight for high beam , dipper and overtaking light
  • Check reverse light
  • Check auto ac for full auto and semi-auto mode as applicable
  • Check ac controls for both hot and cold though the various settings
  • Check all four power windows from all doors and the driver’s door as applicable
  • Check child safety lock
  • Check OVRM electrical adjust if applicable
  • Check central locking from driver’s door if applicable
  • Check central locking from keyless entry if applicable
  • Check central locking from other doors with vehicle specific behaviour
  • Check the internal cabin lights for all the three settings
  • Check odometer reading which should not exceed 30-50kms
  • Check in car information system for the various settings and functions as applicable
  • Check headlight beam leveling functionality and the corresponding reading on the digital display
  • Check hand brake

If you have steering mounted controls:

  • Check the voice command
  • Check the music system for the radio as applicable
  • Check the music system for the cd player as applicable
  • Check the music system for the usb as applicable
  • Check steering mounted controls for volume control as applicable
  • Check steering mounted controls for source change as applicable
  • Check steering mounted controls for track change (in case of cd or usb) as applicable
  • Check steering mounted controls for channel change (for radio) as applicable


  • Open and shut all the doors and ensure that they shut properly and do not require re opening and closing
  • Open and shut the boot and ensure that they shut properly and do not require re opening and closing
  • Check all the door handles for functioning and
  • Check insulation in the engine compartment
  • Check boot for carpet condition
  • Check condition of the spare tyre
  • Check the body for any scratches or dents
  • Check the body for any colour shade mismatches May ask them to move the car in the sun for the same
  • Check the alloy wheels (if applicable) for any damages, dents or scratches
  • Check fit finish or irregularities in the bonnet and boot lid
  • Check the way the doors close
  • Check if remote fuel lid openers and boot openers work
  • Check if bonnet opener works
  • Check all four door locks and handles from outside and inside
  • Check the condition of the tyres including spare tyre
  • Any signs of corrosion on the car. Also check the bottom of the car for the exposed parts

Extra accessories:

In case you have been able to negotiate for some accessories from the dealer or purchased some, please do check whether they have been fixed and their condition.



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