Finally, the long wait for the Indian automobile enthusiast comes to an end. After the overwhelming response all over the world, Jaguar Land Rover brings the Evoque to India. Jaguar Land Rover launched the Evoque at the company’s Corporate Showroom in Mumbai.

Some of the awards that the Range Rover Evoque has received at various auto shows all over the world since it was first unveiled are:

  • AUTO Express Car of the year

  • Best Compact SUV of the year

  • Best Production Car at the Geneva Motor Show 2011

  • Best SUV 2011

  • Most Exciting Car of 2011

Car Design News Editor, Eric Gallina, who presented the Best Production Car Award to the team at the Geneva Motor Show said: "The Evoque represents the best translation from concept car to production vehicle we have seen in recent times. It's clear to see why it was chosen." This statement quite sums up the excitement that the car has evoked (ahan! is this why it is names so?)

The first thing that strikes you about the Evoque is the very imposing and radical design. It looks so much like one of those futuristic concepts that companies show-off at auto expos all over the world but never end up making it and even if they do, they look not one bit like the original concept. Impressvive, very impressive! In addition to the stunning looks, the Evoque is said to inherit the all terrain abilities from its Range Rover DNA and blend it with path-breaking technical advances.

In India, the Evoque will be available in both 5 door and Coupe body styles. The Range Rover Evoque (5 door) is available in three distinct derivatives - Pure, Prestige and Dynamic while the Coupe is available in the Dynamic form.

The 5-door variant will be powered by a 2.2L Diesel motor. This engine generates maximum power of a 190 PS @ 3500 rpm and maximum torque of 420 Nm @ 1750 rpm.

The Coupe variant which is available in the Dynamic trim alone will be powered by a 2L Petrol engine that generates 240 PS of power @ 5500 rpm and a maximum torque of 340 Nm @ 1750 rpm.

All the variants of the Evoque will be 4WD and will be fitted with an automatic 6 speed gear box with Paddle Shift.

Prices for the all new Range Rover Evoque start at Rs. 44.75 lacs (ex-showroom price in Mumbai, pre- Octroi).

We just wait to get our hands on this spectacular new offering from Range Rover.

Do let us know what you think about this new offering.



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